Alarm Systems

Have you taken the proper measures to insure the safety of your home or business?

A security camera system can help you protect your business and home from theft, vandalism, fire and other security threats. Visible cameras in conjunction with notices of surveillance, increase the probability of potential criminals choosing another building to target for fear of being caught. In the event that your building is victim to the actions of a perpetrator, having a camera system increases the likelihood of being able to prosecute the crime.

alarm system 

motion sensor
When the protection system is activated and a movement occurs, the alarm buzzer in the house is activated and a signal is sent to the center.
magnetic sensor for doors
The sensor is placed in the doors of the entrances to the house, and in the event of activating the protection system and in the event of an attempt to remove the door, the alarm will be activated in the house and a signal will be sent to the center.
glass break sensor
The sensor is attached to the glass of the house, and if the protection system is activated, and if the glass is broken, the alarm will be activated in the house and a signal is sent to the center.
In all the above-mentioned cases, the customer is contacted to verify the validity of the warning
Note:- The system during activation is not affected by the movement of pets.
We have a license from the DSC company to install alarm devices

Intercome system

We maintain and install intercoms for buildings, apartments and houses. We have a license from of the most important companies in Canada, such as Mircom, Farfisa, contach, and akuvox

Access card

We have authorization from companies (watchnet,contach)

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