Have you taken the proper measures to insure the safety of your home or business?

A security camera system can help you protect your business and home from theft, vandalism, fire and other security threats. Visible cameras in conjunction with notices of surveillance, increase the probability of potential criminals choosing another building to target for fear of being caught. In the event that your building is victim to the actions of a perpetrator, having a camera system increases the likelihood of being able to prosecute the crime.

IP video services

IP video services give you access to your video footage from almost any device connected to the internet. Whether you are on the go with your mobile phone or sitting in front of your computer, you can instantly watch streaming video of your building. You can search past recorded video and rewatch any events within recent history.
Our expert technicians provide flawless installations of security alarms, which completely focus on monitoring your home & office 24/7.
 We install all types of security camera including:
    IP camera systems Dome
   Security Cameras
   Pan Tilt Zoom Security
   Cameras  Bullet Security
  Cameras Infrared Security
  Cameras  Wireless Security
 Cameras   CCtv Cameras

 right system

Once installed, your cameras will film and record the happenings of the day both during and after business hours. Movement detectors within the surveilla system can detect unusual movement and notify our security monitoring center, that will then notify you or send out a security officer to investigate. In some instances, the police, fire brigade or ambulance will be dispatched. Regardless of your budget, needs, and building we will find you the right system that will not only help to deter crime, but also give you the evidence you need to take action in the unfortunate event of criminal activity.

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